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Why us?

» Professional advises, accounting services, complex administrative-legal services in one place.

» Consultations and administrative services to foreign citizens related to their staying in the Republic of Bulgaria, invitations, visas, registration of companies, preparation of documents for “D”-type visas, prolongations, citizenship, etc.

» We offer modern and professional services in the field of accounting, taxes and law through efficient methods and procedure by using licensed professional software products.

» We are big enough as to be able to provide full sets of accounting services and we are compact enough as to ensure full confidentiality to our clients.

» Our high-flying team of competent financiers, accountants, economists, legal advisers with a long-term experience in the services rendering to foreign and local trade companies, single-proprietors and physical persons, and when required, the appropriate experts, can be sent to the site of the client.

» Our activity is being performed in full correspondence with the latest requirements of the normative base, regulating the respective economic activity and all requirements in the field of accounting, taxes, insurances and law.

» As a Company recognized on the market, we do our level best to help our clients to overcome the administration related difficulties.

» We render our services to companies with different subjects of activities such as trade, construction, manufacturing, services, partnerships, funds, liberal professions, agricultural producers, etc., without engagement on the part of the clients.

» By rendering our services, we participate in the activity of a number of companies and thus contribute to the development and improvement of competitive power of the Bulgarian economy in the conditions of progressive international economic integration and sustainable growth.

» We can expect from us to timely provide you with information concerning the changes made in the tax, accounting and insurance normative base. We will advise and guide you on the practical applications of these changes.

» When required, we use the services of external specialists in the filed of auditing, accounting and law.

» Some of our clients have a considerable annual turnover and multiple personnel. Our clients have decided to work with us, leas by their confidence that we can help them to cope with the challenges of the alternating business conditions in the Republic of Bulgaria. They are sure that we think over and work towards the settlement of their problems.

» Prices – adequate as per individual agreements, depending on several main factors such as: the documents circulation, the number of personnel, VAT-registration, the number of the bank accounts, as well as the subject of activity performed. We wish to render to our clients services at a high quality level and at acceptable prices.

» Thus, our clients can save money from the expensive accounting, labor-and-salary software, salaries, insurances, time, labor and nerves.

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Why Bulgaria?

You need to set up a new business or to invest in Bulgaria or you just want to benefit from the lowest taxation within the EU?

Bulgaria has become a very popular choice for opening business during the last years due to many internal and external factors. The main advantages of the country can be classified as follows:

» Less risks
Bulgaria joined the European Union in January 2007. Since 1998 the local currency rate is fixed to the euro: EUR/BGN = 1.95583. It is expected that Bulgaria will introduce the euro as its official currency in 2012.

» Tax benefits
Bulgaria has the lowest taxation within the EU. Bulgaria tax legislation is completely synchronized with the EU legislation. Government policy is focused on building favorable business climate for foreign investors.

» Fast and easy procedures
It takes only several days to register new company. The minimal start-up capital was reduced to only 1 EUR. International VAT registration takes 10 days.

» Double tax avoidance
Bulgaria has signed Double Taxation Treaties with 58 countries all over the world.

» Low business costs
Low-cost high-trained employees, very affordable rents, excellent value for real estate.

» Good location
Situated on the main road between Europe and Asia and in the center of the Balkan Peninsular Bulgaria is more than good business choice. There are 4 Pan-European transport corridors that cross the country and 3 of them make their connection in Sofia.

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Bulgarian Taxation - 2010

Corporate Income Tax - 10%
Personal Income Tax - 10%
Dividend Tax - 5%
Withholding Tax - 10%

VAT - 20%
VAT for Tourist services - 7%
VAT within EU - 0%

Social insurances (employer) - 18%
Social insurances (employee) - 13%

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Double Taxation Treaties in force

Austria Canada Syria
Armenia Cyprus Slovakia
Albania DPRK Slovenia
Belarus China Thailand
Belgium Korea Turkey
UK Kuwait Uzbekistan
Vietnam Lebanon Ukraine
Germany Latvia Hungary
Georgia Luxembourg Finland
Greece Macedonia France
Denmark Malta Netherlands
Egypt Morocco Croatia
Zimbabwe Mongolia Republic
Israel Moldova Switzerland
India Norway Sweden
Indonesia Poland South Africa
Ireland Portugal Yugoslavia
Spain Romania Japan
Italy Russia  
Kazakhstan Singapore  

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Business opportunities in Bulgaria

You want to start business in Bulgaria, but you don’t have developed project? We will be happy to introduce to you our readymade business and investment opportunities.

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