For contact with us:
Phone:+359 2 980 36 99; +359 2 981 20 26
Sofia, P.O.B.1000
Triaditsa district, 9B, Pozitano Str., fl.1, office 2


We offer full accounting service:

* Consultations for applications of the optimum accounting policies, individual account-plans and observation of the effective financial tax, labor-legal and insurance laws;
* Current accounting processing pursuant to the national accounting standards and to the international accounting standards;
* Any type of registration and de-registration at the National Revenue Agency, National Insurance Institute, incl. VAT Act;
* Accounting of the fixed assets and depreciations, preparation of depreciation plans;
* Inventory making and accounting at an analytical level of the commodity-material resources;
* Monthly finalization, accounting under VAT Act, preparation of diskettes, ledgers, and references – statements, as well as their submission before the National Revenue Agency;
* Preparation of Intrasat and VIES-declarations and their submission before the National Revenue Agency;
* Current, regular references for the needs of the management related to calculations – suppliers and clients, warehouses and monetary flows, profit and loss analyses;
* Current chronological accounting of the economic operations, preparation of international and annual accounting reports;
* Keeping track of the warehouse inventories of commodities and materials;
* Tax protection, audits, assistance and appeals against the Acts from auditing;
* Organization of the accounting department at the clients’ offices;
* Selection of qualified accounting personnel;
* Paper and electronic register as well as archiving of the accounting documentation;
* Preparation of financial analyses, economic justification, etc.;
* Preparation of bank documents and assistance for taking credits;
* Keeping track of the profit, takings, liabilities, as well as of the whole financial status. Monetary flows and payments management;
* Specialized consultations on investment projects in the field of the real estates, productions, construction, etc., as well as assistance in their implementation;
* Registration of fiscal apparatuses, orders for making stamps, invoice books, visit cards, etc.
* Currier to the client’s office.

One-off accounting services:

* Annual inventory making of the assets and liabilities in relation to preparation of the annual financial report; * Annual accounting and tax finalization; * Accounting, categorization and preparation of annual financial reports and turnover sheet pursuant to the Ownership Act; * Preparation and lodging of annual tax statements by competent accountants under the Taxation of the Income of Natural Persons Act and the Corporate Income Tax Act; * Preparation and lodging of annual statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute and the Bulgarian National Bank; * Preparation and lodging of patent statements; * Rendering of any accounting references to the clients; * Representation before the authorities of the National Revenue Agency, National Insurance Institute, National Statistical Institute, Bulgarian National Bank, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Trade, General Labor Inspectorate, etc.; * Preparation of consolidated reports; * Preparation of documents for labor safety and labor discipline; * Job characteristics, in-house normative system; * Extraordinary inventories and internal audits; * Preparation of contracts and power of attorney; * Tax optimization and protection.


Our obligations:

» commitment, excellent service, responsibility
» fair and clear pricing
» minimum engagement of the client
» satisfaction of both parties

Your rights:

» to drop our services at any time
» to ask better services at a better price
» to receive information and consultations
» confidentiality and protection